What is myMall?

myMall is an award winning subscription service offering fun and interactive seasonal promotions to shopping centres world wide. Using the latest in augmented and virtual reality technology we aim to enhance the shopping experience in a fresh and engaging way.

How it Works

To run a campaign all you need to do is place our special trigger markers around your location, promote the experience using our provided media and sit back and watch the magic unfold through our free myMall app.

What Will I Receive?

Upon subscribing we will provide you with all the artwork needed to run the next campaign, as well as bonus promotional materials, user guides and a unique area allocation to ensure your location is the only place you will find this type of experience.

myMall in Action

In 2015 we created an award winning Christmas experience at Bexleyheath’s Broadway Shopping Centre to give Santa’s Grotto an extra touch of magic. Results showed a 12% increase in grotto donations on the previous year and footfall within the shopping centre soared above the national average for that season.

Clients include