The myMall Service

myMall is an award winning subscription service that uses the latest augmented and virtual reality technologies to provide cutting edge promotional campaigns to shopping centres worldwide.

Our campaigns are designed to be an exclusive asset to your specific shopping location, which is why we always ensure our services are only activated in your specific shopping centre, and no where else locally.

We believe that myMall should be flexible and simple in set up and delivery alike, which is why we provide everything you will ever need to run your campaigns as standard. So all that’s left for you to do is:

  • Place the poster and floor markers around your shopping centre
  • Promote the campaign using the media we provide
  • Sit back, and watch the magic unfold!

The Campaigns

Within our twelve month subscription we provide four seasonal campaigns for you to run throughout the year to guarantee there will always be a relevant and exciting experience to run for your shoppers.

Upon subscribing we will provide all the artwork you will need to run the next campaign, access to an online client area to track your campaign statistics and extra marketing materials to help you promote directly to consumers near your shopping centre.

The activities within each seasonal experience are based around a digital treasure hunt concept which requires users to travel around your building and complete a series of 3D microgames.

We take great care in designing every experience with the shopper in mind and adding value to the trip, not distracting from shopping time which is why the campaigns we create will always be flexible in placement, swift to complete and intuitive to use.

Security and Privacy

We take users security and privacy very seriously, which is why we never include ads, in app purchases or sign ups within our apps.

We also never request personal information or store private data in anyway.

You will also be able to view your campaign statistics through our secure online client area which is accessed through a self created log in.